Precious Things

Health Faves:

Essential Oils are a MUST have for me. I LOVE two brands. Young Living and Rocky Mountain Oils. I have thoroughly researched essential oil brands and these two (for me) are the best, hands down. The uses are literally endless, think of each bottle as concentrated plant medicine! I highly recommend starting with the Premium Starter kit which you can order through me here! The kit includes many of the most commonly used essential oils, samples, reading material and a diffuser – I use mine EVERY day, multiple times a day! Questions? Please contact me here!


Young living is cool because you become a member when you purchase the starter kit and can easily earn free oils just by sharing the love. YAS! Rocky Mountain oils is a less expensive option. They have generous sales (sucker for a good sale, hey!), have just recently implemented a rewards program and always offer free shipping in the US. LOVE IT! …visit their website by clicking here!

Tea and Honey: I am totally addicted, what can I say? I love making it, I love the smell, I love warming my hands with the cup…there is just something therapeutic about the ritual that encompasses tea!


My absolute favorites are peppermint, Lemon Balm and Nettle Leaf. Yes, more plants! Tea and honey are both tasty and functional medicinally. If I am on the go…I usually make Trader Joe’s brand Peppermint tea in the morning and at night, their Well Rested tea. I add a little almond milk to these. Yum…zzzz… Otherwise, I like to buy the herbs directly, I use Mountain Rose Herbs, link here and make my own blends. Gaia Herbs is another favorite, I love their Bronchial Wellness Tea which is great for asthma flare-ups and lung health, browse their teas here. Lastly but not leastly, near and dear to my heart, my friend Nicole is a certified nutritionist/herbalist who makes delicious functional Tea blends (she’s got a great Recover tea for all you party animals out there), shop her teas here! While I always keep a good raw, wild and local honey at home, when it comes down to it, I love Manuka all the way! It’s known for it’s antibacterial properties and has s creamy, subtle taste like no other honey, honey! I buy this brand <3