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Here’s the thing. You are where you are in life. Accept that part. Done. Now start from there. You may not think about the direction of your life. Maybe you are just humming along or maybe you are unhappy in your path. The wonderful news is that you are here and it’s never too late to alter your course and change that direction. Start from where you are today!

If you are fulfilled, happy and living a passionate life, there are still things you can do to better yourself, right? We never stop working on ourselves because that’s kinda the point.

With some well worth it effort, you get to keep becoming the best version of yourself. You must choose to learn, grow and alter your life based on your experiences and the experiences you want to have. You know the old adage, do what you have always done and get what you have always gotten or make changes.  Change what you do and move forward with intention and away from old habits that no longer suit you.


I completely understand a general sense of overwhelm, I have hidden and run from things out of fear that lead me to adopt a go with the flow attitude until I was blowin’ in the wind, like a rolling stone…no direction home. Thanks Bob Dylan! However, that nagging in my gut never disappeared just because I ignored it. It followed me until I looked at it, accepted it and started walking in the right direction for me. You can find some sort of vice and temporarily numb the nagging but it will always be there, a skeleton in your closet and you’ll be no closer to where you are truly meant to be.

What I love: the arts, performing, health and wellness (looking and feeling my best), genuine connection with others, finding inspiration all around me and learning to inspire others. I work toward those goals every day, even if it’s a small step. I feel immensely more fulfilled in the day to day actions just knowing I am on my own path to enlightenment. Now that I can feel myself heading in the right direction, my soul feels more at ease and I am excited about the future.

lilballerinaIf you don’t know what you want in life, think back to when you were a kid, what did you love? It’s a good starting point to find your passion and possibly a new direction in life. If you can’t think of anything, it’s OK…try things! Only by doing will you know what you like and what you don’t.

*HINT: step outside of your comfort zone!

If there is something you love, that you can’t stop thinking about, it will be worth it to move in that direction. Start small, but start now, from right where you are. You can’t wait until you feel ready, until you get a raise, quit your job, lose weight…you could be waiting forever.

Don’t wait any longer, start from right where you are!


What I did:

  1. I bought this domain name – two years ago. It was a step.
  2. I started dancing again. I got into Pole Fitness, fell in love and started performing.
  3. I started making earrings and painting again, both of which I sell!
  4. I auditioned for and was accepted into the Premier Burlesque Group Velours Rouge in North County San Diego.
  5. I started taking Ballet classes, my kind of Barre!
  6. I reformatted my website, so that I can blog, share and inspire.
  7. I started using my Social Media platforms in a more creative and inspiring format.

These things have propelled my life in a whole new direction and I want the same for you! Do what you have always wanted to do. Failure is sometimes necessary but there is always a lesson there. What you don’t want is regret. Put yourself out there and the more the universe will guide you. Don’t make excuses for yourself. Don’t go sit in bars 3 nights a week (ballet barres are allowed) and waste your time. Start working toward something that will bring you alive! Most importantly, wherever you are…you can start from there! Will you??

Now…go my darling! <3



Thoughts? I would love to hear them, comment below.



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