What is your mailing address?

 589 Club View Terrace, Walnut Creek CA. 94598

If I lose one earring, can I replace just the missing one?  Unfortunately, I can only make and sell pairs.  If the style is in sock you can purchase another pair.  Some styles are only available for that season or until available stock runs out.

 Are the earrings exactly as pictured on the website?  They will be very close, but please keep in mind that all earrings are handmade (with love) and will be slightly different due to this fact. Each piece and each stone will be unique and colors may vary slightly.

 How do I care for my jewelry?  Every piece of jewelry is handmade and extremely delicate.  To enjoy the jewelry for a long time, please use the appropriate care. Please avoid direct contact with water (salt or fresh), excessive perspiration, and chemicals such as chlorine, sulfur, perfume, detergent and lotion.  Excessive light, heat or moisture will deteriorate the quality of Lucite, plating on the metal and gemstones. The color of some gemstones may fade if constantly exposed to the sun. 

  • My collections consist of non-precious metal at this time (brass and tarnish resistant base metal). We will be coming out with a precious metal line with 18K gold and gold filled metals. The metal may darken or tarnish with normal wear. I recommend gently wiping the metal surface with a polishing cloth, however, excessive polishing will rub off the plating and is not recommended. 
  • Because of the delicate nature of the metals I use, I highly recommend keeping them out of the reach of children as they WILL bend if pulled on, dropped or thrown.
  • Because some of the stones used in my collection are natural stones, they may vary in shape, size and color. Inclusions can be seen in natural stones and is a part of their beauty.  Most gemstones do not stand the force of cleaning agents, polishing cloth or ultrasonic cleaners

 What is your jewelry made of?  All of my jewelry is currently handmade using silver and gold colored tarnish resistant plating over brass metal.

 What type of stones are used?  I carry a range of stones including but not limited to semi-precious stones, Czech and Austrian glass, Howlite and different types of metals.

 Stone Care Important Reminder Please note that stones go through a metallization process to achieve the various colors I carry. The stones are very delicate, therefore we advise that you do not use ANY chemical cleaner, water, brushes, cloths, soap or etc. to clean the stone.  I can only guarantee stone quality and vitality if they are handled and taken care of properly.