About Me


I am a creative soul…I love expression in all forms. The name, The Wild Rose comes from a haunting song called Where the Wild Roses Grow by Nick Cave. The song has always moved me and just kind of stuck. Music is one of the places where I feel free to tune into my darker side, while other things in my life come from the light. Dance, yoga and body movement in general tend to be a light for me, this has undoubtedly brought a certain calm and strength to my life. I embrace both vivid color and all black everything; I love some good juxtaposition in my life!

I thoroughly enjoy reading and learning, travel and adventuring, ballet and pole dancing, rocking out and meditation, performing and spectator-ship, creating: painting, jewelry and writing, health and nutrition, psychology and spirituality, etc… I aim to learn and develop myself to the best of my ability. I work every day toward self love, understanding and acceptance. To me, self love is the absolute most important thing in life; without it, may I ask – What do we really have?

I have learned that as long as I am walking my path to enlightenment, I am happy in the world and therefor can shine my light onto others, inspire and love outwards. I dream of a world in which we all move toward love and in the name of love instead of through fear and judgement. Let’s have a village and a communal attitude, focus on the positive, huh? Dreamy!!!

So…I have created an outlet here, my diary entries are meant to teach, inspire and motivate. I dare to express myself fully through my interests, passions and adventures without apology. I have chosen Diaries, because this site is a storyboard for my creative expression and personal experiences. Topics and inclusions will absolutely grow and blossom with me, as I share pages from my life’s diary with you.

I am such a curious babe when it comes to life! The world we live in and the possibilities it contains are astounding. I started creating earrings and painting for fun and realized that they are neat little pieces of art. The journey has brought good things into my life and I can’t wait to build on that. Creating in all forms is a sort of therapy for me. This idea of adding beauty, creating art and inspiring others makes my heart sing. I create pieces based on my favorite art, performance, music, movies, fantasies, books, fairy-tales or anything that inspires me to create. This gypsy soul is in a continuous state of  both inward discovery and worldly exploration.

Dance. Create. Love. Inspire