Start From Where You Are!

Here's the thing. You are where you are in life. Accept that part. Done. Now start from there. You may not think about the direction of your life. Maybe you are just humming along or maybe you are unhappy in ...
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Herbs, Spices and Crystals…oh my! The best Detox Bath. Ever.

I love the crisp chilly fall air, all because it makes detox bath time that much more enticing! I want to share one of the easiest ways I detox and rid my body of toxins. Unfortunately, dangerous toxins are abundant ...
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Pumpkin Pancakes – Skip the Gluten and Dairy, keep the YUM!

SINCE it's fall, rainy and almost Halloween....I am sharing this recipe that I have been perfecting for months. I am now gluten and dairy free but LOVE pancakes. I just had to figure this out, with a little patience and ...
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